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Chapter 1
1.1. Presentation of the Company........1
1.2. Modalities of Payment8
1.3. Balance Sheet and P&L Statements.............11
1.4. Financial Situation at the Begining of the Year 2003........14
Chapter 2
2.1. Designing for Customers Needs..16
2.1.1. Design: A Core Business Responsability..............16
2.1.2. Research, Design and Development Strategy.........18
2.1.3. Design Objectives..........31
2.1.4. Design Review and Appraisal............39
2.2. The Quality Imperative.............40
2.2.1. Quality: A Broad View....40
2.2.2. TQM: History and Heritage..............45
2.2.3. TQM and Competitiveness49
2.2.4. Recognizing Quality........52
2.2.5. Employee-Driven Quality.60
2.3. Process Control and Improvement62
2.3.1. Improving Outputs and Processes.......62
2.3.2. The Process Focus..........63
2.3.3. Coarse-Grained Analysis and Improvement..........65
2.3.4. Fine-Grained Analysis and Improvement.............66
2.4. Flow Control: Eliminating Process Waste......70
2.4.1. Flow-Control System Overview.........71
2.4.2. Quick-Change Flexibility..81
2.4.3. Quick Response.............85
2.4.4. Inventory Control and Turnover.........92
2.5.Timing- Another Imperative........93
2.5.1. Timing -Impact on OM....93
2.5.2. Pull and Push Mode Operations.........95
Chapter 3


?Chapter 1

1.1. Presentation of the company


In the year 1991, when was concluded, IMPACT SA company was dealing with renting of own real estates, but beginning with the year 1995 the company’s activity concentrates mostly on the construction of houses situated in the firm’s own residential ensembles.

The initial launching of the company on the real estate market began with the first residential project – Alfa Ensemble, which contains 40 houses and which was finalized in September 2001.

In the first ensemble, IMPACT built only luxury villas. The succsessful ending of this first real estate project brought recognition to the company in the world of real estate promoters which operate on the Bucharest market.

Starting a project with own forces and with the aid of a long term bank credit (payable within 15 months) contracted in 1995, IMPACT succeeded to prove the viability and the success of a well thoughted business.

In 1998, IMPACT started a second project – the Beta Ensemble – with a number of 70 houses: luxury villas and a new product – accesible villas. With this project the company began indeed the actual diversification of the products, adapting itself to the demand of the market and offering to a large number of persons the possibility to build their own home.

The Gamma Ensemble was the third ensemble started in 1999 and the Delta ensemble was started in 2000.

Together, these ensembles contain over 300 houses, diffrent as architectonic style and prices: luxury villas, accessible villas and others and in September 2001 in Delta ensemble began the construction of the first timber made house.

In July 2001 began the construction of Epsilon ensembly, which will comprise an office building of the company, excepting the 56 houses – mostly luxury and accessible villas.

Year 2002 began with the expanding of the company’s activity through the construction of their own commercial centre with materials and construction systems – DePact.

The main activities of the centre is warehousing and commercialization of the materials and construction systems. A big part of the materials are realized by subdivisions of the DePact: SitPact, LePact, MePact and FerPact.

The services offered by the IMPACT are construction consultancy, finan

cial consultancy and real estate consultancy; also the firm offers a great experience in the domain of construction of holls and deposits, construction of offices and commercial centers.

The company has a team of 30 projection specialists formed by architects, resistance engineers, plumbing engineers, system engineers and project managers with a lot of experience accumulated in the domain of house and residential ensembles construction.

Also the clients of the company benefits by the performant working tools, projection programs, informatic systems and typical studs.

The work in the building site is supervised by a team with an important experience in supervising the construction of houses. As for the quality, IMPACT guarantees for its work.

In the domain of interior and exterior design, the professionals from IMPACT have a 7 year experience in the field, specialized on diffrent degrees of finishings, on diffrent types of villas – luxury villas and accessible ones.

A special team, organized after the principle of a „single office”, specialized and with know-how in the field deals with the notifications and with the authorizations.

The company has multiple subsidiaries organized after the domeain of activity: DePact, MePact, FerPact, SitPact and LePact.

DePact is the most important from all of them and offers an entire set of afvantages:

? Free consulting for the utilisation of commercialized products.

? Packaging of the bought materials for a easy handling and to prevent the deterioration.

? Quick invoicing procedure using the bar codes system.

? Free transportation for big charges.

? The possibility of delivery to an indicated address.

? Optional – the payment is made by instalments.

DePact is commercializing:bricks, B.C.A., ciment, lime, plaster, gypsum, and accessories, tile, timber, tego pannels, rolled goods, iron plates, wire, assembling organs (screws, screw nuts, washers, dowels) cables and electrical conductors, electrical machinaries, technical lighting ensembles, polystyrene, mineral cotton, tools (mechanical and electrical), termical wall station, radiators (steel and aluminium), pipes (polypropylene, polyethylene, pexal, copper), fittings, plumbings, sanitations, washable paint, paint for wood and mintal, polishing plaster coats, laquers, adhesives, quits, silicon quits, polyurethane foam, parquetry, gritstones, faience, P.V.C. profiles, P.V.C. thin sheet, abrasive products.

MePact offer is generous in offer with all kind of metalic constructions and accessories.

? Metalic construction for industrial holls.

? Lattice work for doors, windows and balconys.

? Fences and metalic gates.

? Metalic hutments.

? Metalic doors for industrial constructions, and doors resistant to fire.

? Metalic containers, boxes and cassettes for electrical pannels and gas regulators.

? Winding stairs and metalic banisters.

? Metalic structures for covers.

? Connectors for wood constructions.

? Metalic pillars for lighting.

? Tikery ( drains, rain races, hooks).

? Metalic plumbings, ventilations and stovepipes for fireplaces.

? Metalic shutterings for semifabricated elements.

To the request of the customer the elements are specialy treated: ground coating and painting. The firm provides the transportation for voluminous elements, only for distances smaller than 15 km. Also the company guarantees the execution on the base of a project for every element. The machinaries used are performant and the team has a 10 years experience, all the products being already executed before for the IMPACT customers..

FerPact offers for its clients an entire set of productts like:

? Armours and metalic structures used in armouring the resistance elements of a construction.

? Girdles

? Beams